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You can at any time order a commissioned drawing. The form below will help you with a few options.
Should there be a specific request you desire please specify in detail in the field at the end of the document.

I will get back to you within two businessdays.

Thank you for having interest in my work.
Postal code an village/city:
headbust A4 (pencil) 30,00 euros
headbust A4 (ink and greytones marker) 50,00 euro
full figure A4 (pencil) 75,00 euros
full figure A4 (ink en greytones marker) 100,00 euros
yourself yourself as a zombie (headbust) A4 (ink and greytones marker) 150,00 euro
Do you have a specific drawing in mind? Describe it here in detail please.:
Patrick Cornelis - Bolderstraat 160 bus 3 - 3770 Riemst - GSM 0479 33 10 53 - patrick@pangolin-comics.com